Secluded trekking places in Goa to explore

Mostly known for its serene beaches and landscapes; Goa is a popular holiday destination among national and international visitors. But only a few percent of people know the lesser-known places for trekking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

Are you searching for adventurous backpacking trips, and mountain biking routes in India? Then you have landed on the right page we at “Book Your Own” have provided you with perfect hiking trails near historic monuments, waterfalls, and majestic views to explore this season. These attractive Trekking places in Goa will definitely boost up your adrenaline.     

Our List of  10 Best Trails & Hikes in Goa

These attractive trekking trails are of course a retreat for your eyes. Plan to visit these adventurous spots with natural springs, lush green forests, spice plantations, and a glimpse of wildlife. Take a look at our list of hiking destinations in Goa!

  • Dudhsagar Falls Trek – 11 km
  • Sonsogor Trek – 15 km
  • Kalsa Falls via Chorla Ghat
  • Ocean Trek To Neuti Beach -10 Km
  • Arambol Trek – 5 km
  • Trek To Todo Waterfalls – 5 km
  • Pali Waterfall Trek – 6 km
  • Udaan Dongor Trek – 16 km
  • Satregad Fort Trek – 16 km
  • Krishnapur Canyon Trek – 15 km
  • Netravali Waterfall Trek – 13 km

1. Dudhsagar Falls Trek-14km (One way)

Dudhsagar Falls Trek-14km (One way)

Dudhsagar falls is one of the most incredible places to visit in Goa that one must visit in their lifetime. It is among the largest four-tiered waterfalls in India. The reason it is called Dudh Sagar is due to its pristine and milky white water. 

Where is it located? It is situated at an elevation of 1017m from the ground on Mandovi River in Goa, Dudh Sagar Falls is spread across the 240 sq meter area. It is located close to the Goa-Karnataka border in the Sanguem district. 

How to reach?  You can reach via train, jeep safari, or taxi to reach the waterfall. The nearest railway station is Dudhsagar Falls Trek Kulem Railway Station. But the best way to reach the waterfall and enjoy natural vibes is via trekking.

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Best time to visit: October to February is the perfect time to do trekking in Dudhsagar Falls. Avoid visiting in the Monsoon season.

Tips: Hire a trekking guide.

2. Sonsogor Trek-15km

Sonsogor Trek-15km

Want to feel like the king of the world? Then plan a visit to Sonsogor Trek to stand at the top of the world. Sonsogor is the third-highest peak in Goa. The trekking path is easy with the scenic view of goan greenery. It will hardly take you 2-3 hours to reach the top point. Go and discover the picturesque view of the coastal state.

Where is it located? Situated at an elevation of 1,166 meters (3,825 ft) above sea level, Sonsogor Trek is a part of the Western Ghats mountain range. Sonsogor is located in Sattari Taluka, a sub-district of North Goa.

How to reach? You can reach via any of the local railway stations, or hire a bus or taxi to take you to Sonsogor trekking point in Goa. The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport, Goa. 

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Best time to visit: November to January

 3. Kalsa Falls via Chorla Ghats

Kalsa Falls via Chorla Ghats

Kalsa Falls is a quite popular trekking spot for walking, hiking, climbing, and birding. Trust us, the solitude you’ll experience in these woods is incomparable. You’ll enjoy the out and back pathway, greenery, exquisite ways, and aesthetic vibes of this 1.9km trail. It will take 30-35 mins to reach kalsa falls. It lies at the junction of three states i.e. Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa. Make a plan to witness some indigenous species of birds, wildflowers, plants, and animals.

Where is it located? Kalsa falls is located in the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range.

How to reach? Kalem, Chandor, and Sanverdam Church are some of the nearest railway stations. Dabolim, Goa is the closest airport. Taxis and Cabs are easily available to take you to Kalsa falls.

Best time to Visit: Though trekking is allowed throughout the year July to March is the best time to visit Kalsa falls.

4. Ocean Trek To Neuti Beach, Goa -10 Km

Ocean Trek To Neuti Beach, Goa -10 KmAlways dreamt of walking along a mountain and a sea by side?  Well, the spectacular Ocean Trek to Neurti beach located on green mountain ranges is a big retreat to your eyes it is going to spice up your trekking experience. You can do a lot of activities from diving into the sea from 20 feet high rock, or visiting the historic Neuti fort. You can start your journey at 7.00 AM from Porvorim, and end by 7:30 PM. When planning a visit, make sure to have a minimum of 6 people with you. Don’t miss this opportunity to walk through mangrove forests, azure waters, virgin beaches, and the Arabian sea. It’s a day trek with a total of 10 km distance.

Where is it located? Panjim, Goa

How to reach? You can easily hire a taxi or cab from the meeting point Porvorim to reach Kochi-Shriram Vada. 

Activity Level: Moderate

Best Time to Visit:  October to March 

5. Arambol Trek – 5 km

Arambol Trek – 5 km

Wish to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Arabian sea? then opt for the Arambol Trek, this particular trekking trail in Goa offers the visitors mind blowing views that they would love to see again again. If you are looking for a less crowded, and quiet place where you can feel nature, Arambol Trek is the perfect destination for you. The starting point of the trek is Keri which will take you through green lush forests, rivers, streams, and much more.

Where is it located? Arambol Trek is located in the Keri, the extreme north of Goa. 

How to reach: Trekking enthusiasts can easily reach Arambol by trekking through Keri or hiring shared cabs or local buses.

Trekking level: Easy

Best Time to Visit: From November to February

Tips: Don’t forget to take a quick bath in the sweet water lake.

6. Trek to Todo Waterfalls- 5 Kms

Trek to Todo Waterfalls- 5 Kms

Explore the virgin views of the coastal state by trekking through Panjim to the prettiest Todo waterfalls. The total Trekking time is about 1.30 hrs. It can be tiring but gives you a thrilling experience. Get to see the amazing views of the dense forests, stream crossing, trails, and cascading waterfalls. The beauty of barren regions, and terrains is worth watching!

Where is it located? Panjim, North Goa

How to reach: Dabolim Airport is located at 30 km distance from Panjim. Local transportation(A.C. buses/ taxis, etc.) is readily available. 

Trekking level: Moderate

Best time to visit: June to February

Tips: Make sure to buy premium quality trekking shoes, water bottles, sunglasses, etc.

 7. Pali Waterfall Trek

Pali Waterfall Trek

If you are a  seasoned trekker looking for challenging trails in Goa then the  trekking route to Pali waterfall Trek is for you. Once you have reached the final point, the heavenly waterfall view is worth every bit of your effort. You will come across muddy slippery paths, narrow stream crossing, dense forest areas, and thorny paths. No doubt the route is quite challenging but it’s full of fun, and adventure. The view of this tourist destination is no less than heaven.

Where is it Located? Goa-Dandeli Border in Karnataka.

How to reach: Hire a Bus/ Taxi from Panaji or Mapusa.

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time to Visit: From November until February

Tips: Do watch the indigenous species of birds & butterflies.

8. Udaan Dongor Trek

Udaan Dongor Trek

If you want to taste the happiness of having a mesmerizing trekking, then the  Udaan Dongor trek is the best place for hiking. It is quite a popular landmark among tourists  and takes about 6-7 hours to complete. So plan with your friends or families today to get a wild experience that you’ll cherish for your whole life. Get the enthralling view of gushing streams, dark green forests, and a glimpse of wildlife. This enchanting place is truly one of the hidden gems of goa. 

Where is it located? Panjim, Goa

How to reach: Local buses; cabs are available for reaching Udaan Dongor.

Difficulty level: Moderate to Difficult

Best Time to Visit: June to February

Tips: Hire a guide and don’t forget to capture some incredible photographs.

 9. Satregad Fort Trek – 16 km

Satregad Fort Trek – 16 kmThe home to Royal Bengal Tigers; Satregad hill fort is known for Portuguese and British architecture, rich culture, and biodiversity. Enclosed by the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Satregad fort comes under  ideal trekking sites for hikers, climbers, or trekkers. Get to see the amazing sight of wildlife, streams, waterfalls, valleys, and dark woods as you go through the route. This hidden hiking gem in Goa is worth visiting.

Where is it located? Satregad Fort Trek is located at a distance of 50km from Panaji, Goa.

How to reach: Take shared cabs/ taxis from Panaji, Goa.

Trekking level: Moderate to Difficult.

Best time to visit: From November until March

Tips: Do not plan for the monsoon season.

10. Krishnapur Canyon Trek – 15 km

Krishnapur Canyon Trek – 15 km

Looking for some picturesque trekking destinations in Goa? Then, do visit the breathtaking Krishnapur Canyon Trek with deep water pools, rocks,  still green water, big trees, and the magnificent view of Vagheri hills. This place is also referred to as Pishtyachi Kond and is home to one of the canyon groups in the country. Valpoi is the starting point of the trek that heads to Krishnapur Canyon. 

Where is it located?  Krishnapur canyon is located in the heart of the forest i.e. between Goa’s Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, and Karnataka’s Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to reach: Travel by local transport to reach Valpoi, and start your trekking.

Trekking level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time to Visit: From November until February

Tips: Take some energy bars, and stay hydrated.

11. Netravali Waterfall Trek- 3 Km

Netravali Waterfall Trek- 3 Km

Located in the heart of the dense forest, Netravali is a perfect place for trekking  in south Goa. The beautiful sight is filled with breathtaking views of the Netravali wildlife sanctuary, plants, birds, streams, river crossings, and much more. If you’ll compare North Goa vs. South Goa, there are fewer trekking trails in south goa. But, still, the Netravali waterfall trek will provide you with some amazing trails for trekking that you should explore with your friends or families. The beautiful view and sound of the flowing waterfall cutting through the rocks will leave you mesmerized. 

Where is it located?  Netravali wildlife sanctuary, Margao City, South Goa

How to reach: Hire a local bus/ taxi from Margao city. The place is easily approachable via Dabolim Airport or other linked railway stations.

Best Time to Visit:  June (First two weeks)

Difficulty level: Moderate